How doesIT WORK?

The ZENRUN race will consist of a physical race in the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, Miami FL and a virtual race, where anyone in the world can join in, by running or walking in treadmills or their own neighborhood at the same time as our physical race (be aware of the time zone changes). Anyone can run their race at their own pace.

Upon registering for the race, the participant will have access to our meditative technique. The runner interested in running with the mind of meditation will need to download our app and carry their phones during the race. This is optional.


What isTHE ZENRUN?ZENRUN is a meditative 5K race

The runners interested in learning our meditative technique, will run guided by our app; the purpose is to teach runners how to run with the mind of meditation to improve their focus and strength. In this race all the participants will be connected with other runners (virtual ones) worldwide at the same time.

Upon the completion of our certified course, each participant is going to get a finishing medal and awards will be given to our fastest participants. This is a timed race.